An Autumn Wedding

Last Summer I made a suit for an October groom. Now, I don't want to be disparaging about anything else I've made, but this was my favourite job EVER! 

The couple were having an autumnal wedding in a beautiful farm house. Everything is outdoors with fairy lights and beautiful bright flowers. All the guests were given animal ears, with the bride and groom wearing fabulous masks for their first dance. Think Fantastic Mr Fox meets a Midsummer Night's Dream.

The groom chose a teal blue cloth with a rust and maroon window pane check from Porter and Harding's Glorious Twelfth bunch, and a rust coloured waistcoat. The right shade was tricky to find but eventually I found the perfect thing in the East end.

Brown horn buttons from Richard James Weldon brought out the woodland theme. A paisley silk was picked for the lining and waistcoat back. The groomsmen all had ties in the same silk to match.